The 2024 British Grand Prix bucket list (2024)

The 2024 British Grand Prix features a bumper schedule of off-track entertainment across the four-day festival. There’s so much to see and do at all corners of the Silverstone circuit, so we have distilled the full schedule into a ‘not to be missed’ list for this year’s F1 race.

The locations

Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay

The Drivers Inn Stage Presented by eBay is a relaxed corner of the site for those on the hunt for intriguing industry insight during the day, and a variety of co*cktails accompanied by sunset DJ sets in the evening.

Made at Vale – new for 2024

This brand-new stage is all about family-friendly entertainment; from films to live science shows, there’ll be something for everyone. When the sun goes down, though, this stage welcomes a wide range of acts. From Dick & Dom DJ sets to Dave Grohl tribute acts, from mass karaoke Massaoke to alternative Bingo, the Made at Vale stage has it all!

The Main Stage

The Main Stage is the hub of all things British Grand Prix. Expect appearances from your favourite drivers and team principals, live shows from popular podcasts, headline acts, and much more!

The 2024 British Grand Prix bucket list (1)

Across the weekend

Before we jump into the unmissable appearances and performances, it’s worth remembering that there are regular F1 celebrity appearances at the Main Stage, Pitstop Prizes across all stages for chances to win merch, paddock tours and more across the site, and throughout the weekend.

The Schedule


  • Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay, all day Thursday – A selection of F1 panels will be hosted at the Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay on Thursday. From engineers to personal trainers, presenters to admins and communications specialists to sustainability experts, there’s a vast range of motorsport professions to explore.
  • Main Stage, 13:45 – A women in motorsport panel will take to the stage to discuss the careers of females in a traditionally male-dominated sport.
  • Main Stage, 14:15 – The stars of the future chat about the ups and downs of climbing the competitive motorsport ladder.
  • Hamilton Straight, 18:00 – An extra special evening edition of the Sky F1 Show will be broadcast live from the Hamilton Straight, hosted by the usual suspects.
  • Main Stage, 20:00 – A surprise DJ set will build anticipation ahead of the opening concert’s headline act.
  • Main Stage, 20:45 – Kings of Leon take to the stage to kick off the weekend in style.
  • Main Stage, 22:15 – The first day at the track is capped off with a mesmerising fireworks display.


  • Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay, 17:30 The Fast and the Curious Podcast’s first session of the weekend. You can also catch them on the Main Stage at 16:05 on Saturday and 09:15 on Sunday.
  • Made at Vale Stage, 18:00 – Don’t miss Dick & Dom’s Friday night DJ set from the Made at Vale Stage.
  • In Air, 19:40 – The thrilling RAF Falcons air display will take place in the skies above Silverstone. You can also catch them at the Made at Vale Stage on Saturday at 14:45.
  • Main Stage, 21:25 – Megastar rapper Stormzy is Friday night’s headline act.

The 2024 British Grand Prix bucket list (2)


  • Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay, 10:15 – Go behind the scenes with Lego for an insightful brick-building discussion.
  • Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay, 10:30 – Check out a live demonstration from the Ministry of Science where entertainment and education collide.
  • Drivers Inn Stage presented by eBay, 12:55 – The 2024 British Grand Prix trophy is a truly unique design. Hear about the process of creating an extra special trophy.
  • Made at Vale Stage, 19:45 – Grohlercoaster will be performing the music of Dave Grohl, including Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age and much more!
  • Main Stage, 21:15 – DJ Pete Tong will be performing as Saturday night’s headline act.


  • Made at Vale Stage, 09:10 – A live talk with Grace Webb, star of Grace’s Amazing Machines.
  • Main Stage, 11:00 – A special live version of P1 with Matt and Tommy will be hosted by the Main Stage on Sunday morning.
  • In air, 14:15 – Just before the national anthem and the start of the 2024 British Grand Prix, the Red Arrows will perform an air display in the skies above Silverstone.
  • Made at Vale Stage, 17:45 – Not long after the chequered flag has been waved, tribute band Noasis will take to the stage to perform all of your favourite Oasis songs.
  • Main Stage, 19:30 – Rudimental will close out the weekend with Sunday night’s high-energy headline performance.
View the full timetable now.
The 2024 British Grand Prix bucket list (2024)
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