Philly Cheesesteak Recipe (2024)

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Sharp provolone will overwhelm the flavor of the meat, best to use mild provolone. Cheese Wiz’s high salt content will also overwhelm the flavor of the meat. White American cheese or, Cooper Sharp if available near you, is the ticket. Creamy and delicious!

Note - Metro Philly

Don't skimp on the rolls; many Philly area hoagie shops favor Amoroso's. Just avoid a squishy hot dog style bun!

Tim ex Philly

I always put the cheese on the beef and then put the split roll over the beef/cheese, let the bun steam a bit and then with the long spatula, pick up the delight and flip it in to its basket (lined with wax paper). Never called it a Philly Cheese steak, since I never order these outside of Philly. It is just a cheese steak. If I see Philly Cheese Steak or worse Steak and Cheese on a menu you know it is going to be bad.


They should be Amoroso’s rolls


To anyone from the Philly region who might be missing authentic cheesesteaks, a hoagie is an entire [cold] sandwich, not a yet-to-be-filled roll. I read this recipe, excited to make a cheesesteak in a locale where I cannot find a good cheesesteak, and saw that the recipe calls for 4 8-inch hoagies. I paused to wonder why one would need 4 hoagies for a cheesesteak. The recipe should say instead, correctly, 4 8-inch sandwich rolls!


White American cheese has always been our family's choice. We add sauteed mushrooms and a bit of pizza sauce, also. FYI: Amoroso Italian rolls (aka "steak rolls") are available on line.


Anyone from Philly knows that what separates a GREAT cheesesteak from th rest is the ROLLS. Amaroso’s rolls are the gold standard, and they are hard to find. A good roll should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, so it won’t get all soggy when the steak is added. And Cheese Whiz is the default cheese for a Philly Cheesesteak, which is why people order a “Whiz Wit”.


The one thing I like to add are thin sliced red & green bell peppers. I cook them with onions.


With mushrooms, fried onions and catsup, sweet and hot peppers. Live a little: swap in provolone! Finish it off with a Tastykake and a pint of iced tea.


Sharp provolone is to steaks and roast pork what peanut butter is to jelly. They go together. There are few more disappointing foods than a steak with mild provolone, let alone gooey, flavorless white American. White American on a roast pork sandwich? Perish the thought. LONG LIVE SHARP PROVOLONE!

Billy from Philly

OK, I'll summarize, so it's clear:1) do not overcook the beef, like in the pic2) chop the onions, don't slice3) the cheese goes against the inside of the roll for extra umami (what Tim says)4) Use an Amoroso's roll, cut the tips off, but DO NOT toast5) wrap it in wax paper6) leave before you have anotherThat thing in the photo appears to have been broiled -why?

John F. - Pennsylvania

A generally authentic recipe and as many people have noted, the key to a good cheese steak is a good fresh steak roll (not a hoagie). The option of Whiz or provolone is correct for a Philly Cheese Steak. The onions are always optional. At Pat's Steaks the "Wit" means with onions, but they are an option. Finally, warming the rolls is fine, but the split roll needs to be put over the meet and cheese in the pan and then use a spatula to flip the whole thing and add back any dropped bits.

Bill in Maine, but Haverford Twp. native

"4 (8-inch) hoagies"? Huh? The author is referring to the rolls themselves as "hoagies" in the list of ingredients? Bizarre. They're Italian rolls, preferably Amoroso's circa 1980 or so.A hoagie is a sandwich itself, of course, not a roll. Aka sub or grinder to many folks outside the Delaware Valley metro area.

Joel from Philly

Solid recipe. Some thoughts:1. Hoagie is a sandwich, yo. You want a hoagie roll. Gold standard if in South Philly is Ianelli's or Sarcone's. Amoroso if away or at supermarket.2. Sharp P is the jawn with pork and rabe but other commenters are correct that it overwhelms a cheesesteak. Go mild and melty!3. Adding peppers to the onions is a definite YES!4. Not traditional but highly recommended: a schmear of mayo on the roll and Cento Hoagie spread on top.5. Cosmi's Deli! IYKYN - just go!


Must be Amoroso’s for rolls. Never had whiz on mine- always provolone.


Added banana peppers and mushrooms to this recipe.. tastes delicious!


Even Philadelphians argue about what makes a proper cheesesteak. But most agree you need—A good roll. Crusty but soft enough to eat without a sore jaw. (Outside of the Mid-Atlantic, good rolls are hard to come by.)Rib-eye. Or any cut that's tender, marbled, and sliced ultra thin.Cooper sharp is best, not just for taste but for how it melts. I can respect provolone. Ditch the whiz.Anything else beyond fried onions, tasty as it may be, isn't being served in Philly.Best made on a griddle.

Nathan M

If you're weirded out by the idea of adding Cheese-Wiz to your sandwich, but like the idea of having a creamier/cheesier sandwich, just add a slice or two of White American cheese under the provolone.


Sliced Italian cherry peppers on top completes the picture!


I grew up in Philadelphia. Hoagie is a sandwich, not a roll. Cheese Whiz is a travesty. Provolone only on a real Philly cheesesteak.

Arlene in Philly

The only meat is Steakumms, froze no and available everywhere (Walmart, Acme, Target etc)


where can someone in Phoenix get Amoroso's rolls

George Lazar

I always thought that bell peppers were a part of a Philly cheesesteak?

Vicky Raff

When I lived in Philly near South Street and the italian market, eating a large amount of Cheese steaks, as a purist, I never, never, never considered Cheeze Whiz, until I did. Cheese Whiz on a cheese steak is magical. Not nutritious, to be sure, but delicious.

Sean C.

Don't come at me with pitchforks, but if you're looking for a vegetarian/vegan option, I always use the Trader Joe's Korean Beefless Bulgogi frozen steak strips to make Philly, Italian Beef, and Chopped Cheese sandwiches. They are seasoned a little sweet but amenable to other sauces and flavorings, and the tender texture is uncanny.

Chris Smith

There is a good eye-shaped Hispanic roll called a "bolillo" that our local bakery makes. Walmart has them, as well, at least in NW Indiana. It holds up to being sliced and stuffed full of goodness. Makes for a great Philly cheesesteak! Not as big as the Amoroso rolls or hoagie buns or whatever you purists want to call them, so you might have to eat two of them. And yes, you must use high quality Provolone!


Wow. This was absolutely delicious. I'd run out of ribeye so I substituted marinated skirt steak and added blistered onions and a variety of charred peppers. Instead of rolls, I wrapped the little banditos in flour tortillas accompanied by spoonfuls of guacamole, sour cream, a mild salsa, and a sprinkling of Monterey Jack cheese. Next time I'll make everyone wear sombreros, travel by donkey, and sing "Bésame Mucho" afterwards. A huge hit. Vive la France!


No peppers?

janis from Philly

The only way to make an authentic Philly cheesesteak is to use Amoroso’s Italian steak sandwich rolls. other brands just don’t work!

G James

Whether you are a fan of Pat's, Geno's or another maker of this most Philadelphia of sandwiches, a Philly cheese steak in its best and purest form is so-so meat, on a ghastly bun, with truly awful cheese you would never eat by itself, but in this glorious combination somehow becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Cheese Wiz is a must. Of course you can use whatever cheese you want, just don't call it a Philly cheese steak.

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Philly Cheesesteak Recipe (2024)
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