Our History - eBay Inc. (2024)



Our History - eBay Inc. (1)

AuctionWeb is Born

After spending Labor Day weekend at home writing code on his personal computer, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar launches AuctionWeb, a site "dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers in an honest and open marketplace."

Our History - eBay Inc. (2)

Pierre's First Sale

Canadian Mark Fraser purchased the first item that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar listed on the site in 1995 -- a broken laser pointer.

Our History - eBay Inc. (3)

Pez Dispenser Myth

A story is circulated that Pierre created eBay to help his wife collect Pez candy dispensers. Later, it’s revealed that the story was a fabricated one.



Our History - eBay Inc. (4)

Our First Employee

Pierre hires employee #1, Chris Agarpao, to help coordinate the fast-growing company’s online operations. Over twenty years later, Chris is still an eBay employee.

Our History - eBay Inc. (5)

$7.2 Million Worth of Goods Sold

The total value of merchandise sold on AuctionWeb reaches $7.2 million.


Our History - eBay Inc. (6)

Our First President

Pierre quits his day job to devote himself fulltime to his innovative auction website and brings Jeff Skoll on board as President.


Our History - eBay Inc. (7)

Our First Office

Pierre and Jeff rent a small suite (#250) at 1025 Hamilton Avenue in San Jose, CA, in what’s now known as Building 6 (Music) on the current eBay campus.



Our History - eBay Inc. (8)

Beanie Babies Craze

Beanie Babies, Ty Warner’s line of cuddly stuffed animals, take the world by storm. $500 million worth are sold on eBay alone, representing more than 6% of our total volume.


Our History - eBay Inc. (9)

Seller Feedback Introduced

We introduce Feedback Forum, allowing our members to rate their transactions and create a virtual community of openness and confidence.

Our History - eBay Inc. (10)

Millionth Item Sold

We sell our millionth item! A Big Bird jack-in-the-box toy from PBS’ Sesame Street.


Our History - eBay Inc. (11)

eBay is Born

AuctionWeb is officially renamed eBay.



Our History - eBay Inc. (12)

Meg Whitman Joins eBay

Business leader Meg Whitman joinsas President and CEO.


My eBay

The launch of "My eBay" customizes the eBay experience.


Our History - eBay Inc. (13)

One of the First Acquisitions

We make an early acquisition, adding Jump Inc. and its person-to-person online trading site, Up4Sale.


Our History - eBay Inc. (14)

eBay Goes Public

After a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in September, we list shares on NASDAQ under the symbol EBAY. Expected to trade for $18, our shares shatter expectations and reach $53.50 in just one day.


eBay Foundation Established

The eBay Foundation becomes the first corporate foundation to be endowed with pre-IPO stock. Since then, it has given over $76 million to nonprofit organizations worldwide.



Our History - eBay Inc. (15)

Site Outage and Lessons Learned

On June 10, 1999, the site goes down. In the middle of the night, CEO Meg Whitman rallies more than 50 engineers from eBay and SunMicrosystems to fix the problem. Less than 20 hours later since the outage began, eBay is back up and open for business.


Our History - eBay Inc. (16)

Global Expansion

We launch sites in Germany, Australia and the U.K. As of today, eBay is available in 180 countries.



Our History - eBay Inc. (17)

eBay Office Expands

We continue growing in the U.S. and around the world! In San Jose, the company moves into additional buildings at our current headquarters, then known as eBay Park.


Our History - eBay Inc. (18)

Introducing eBay Motors

We launch eBay Motors, the online automotive marketplace. In 2006, eBay Motors sold its 2 millionth passenger vehicle.


Our History - eBay Inc. (19)

Opening eBay University

We hold our first eBay University course, teaching users how to become master sellers. The format proves to be a huge success, and eBay University classes continue to be offered around the world today.


Our History - eBay Inc. (20)

Half.com joins eBay

We announce we will buy Half.com, making it easier than ever to sell your movies, music, books and games online.


Our History - eBay Inc. (21)

Introducing “Buy It Now”

We introduce a new fixed-price feature, "Buy It Now," which allows users to buy an item instantly at a set price.

The eBay API

Our first Application Programming Interface (API) goes live. Now developers across the world can harness the power of eBay by building their own custom interfaces with unique functionality.



Our History - eBay Inc. (22)

Auctioning Very Old Levi’s

The oldest known pair of Levi’s sells on eBay for more than $46,000 to Levi Strauss & Co., making fashion history.


Our History - eBay Inc. (23)

Introducing eBay Stores

eBay Stores, a new online storefront directory, launches as a way for people to have their own customized online businesses for just a few dollars a month.


Our History - eBay Inc. (24)

A Jet Sells for Millions

A Gulfstream jet sells for $4.9 million, setting a new price record for eBay.


Our History - eBay Inc. (25)

Auction for America

We unveil Auction for America, enabling more than 100,000 users to raise over $10 million for the victims of September 11 and their families. To date, our Giving Works program has supported over 30,000 charities.



Our History - eBay Inc. (26)

First eBay Live! Conference

Anaheim, California hosts the first eBay Live! Conference, bringing together sellers, buyers, journalists, developers, and lovers of all things eBay for action-packed days of learning and networking.


Our History - eBay Inc. (27)

eBay Acquires PayPal

We purchasePayPal, unifying the web’s largest marketplace and an innovative system for secure and hassle-free payment. Being part of eBay Inc. for more than a decade enabled PayPal's strong growth and global leadership position in digital payments. Together, PayPal and eBay’s strong synergies benefit both businesses for years. PayPal is spun off 13 years later into an independent company in July 2015.



Our History - eBay Inc. (28)

eBay Giving Works: $500 Million

Since 2003,eBay Giving Workshas raised over $500 millionfor charities.


PayPal Buyer Protection

eBay transactions become even more secure as PayPal’s Buyer Protectionservices are implemented for all transactions on the site.

Our History - eBay Inc. (29)

Weird Al Premieres “eBay” Song

Weird Al performs his new song “eBay” at eBay Live! in Orlando, FL. The song goes on to become a major hit.

Our History - eBay Inc. (30)

"eBay Bible" Published

The Official eBay Bible by Jim Griffith, Employee #11, is published.


Our History - eBay Inc. (31)

Fortune’s List: 8th Fastest Growing Company

We grab some worldwide recognition by claiming the 8th spot on Fortune's list of Fastest Growing Companies.



Dream Big, Save Big

We launch the Dream Big, Save Bigcampaign to support small business buying on eBay.


Our History - eBay Inc. (32)

The Power of All of Us

We launch our North America brand campaign, The Power of All of Us, celebrating the power of e-commerce and built on the idea that people are basically good.


Our History - eBay Inc. (33)

Jeff Jordan Named PayPal President

Jeff Jordan, Senior Vice President and general manager of eBay North America, is named President of PayPal.

Our History - eBay Inc. (34)

Rent.com joins eBay

We announce our agreement to acquire Rent.com, the leading website for rental housing in the U.S. In 2012, we sell Rent.com to Primedia.



We welcome John Donahoe as eBay Marketplaces President

John Donahoe is named President of eBay Marketplaces. He goes on to serve as President and CEO of eBay from 2008-2015.


Our History - eBay Inc. (36)

eBay Creates Kijiji

We launch alocal classified advertising site called Kijiji. Named for the Swahili word for “village,” Kijiji connects users with their neighbors in search of goods and services in almost a dozen countries. Kijiji is now a part of eBay Classifieds.


Our History - eBay Inc. (37)

eBay Acquires Gumtree

Expanding our classifieds presence, we purchase Gumtree, a leading global classified-listing site.


Our History - eBay Inc. (38)

10 years and counting!

We celebrate our 10th birthday!

Our History - eBay Inc. (39)

Main Street Launches

Our Main Street program launches as a grassroots community of e-commerce advocates interested in how public policy may affect their ability to buy and sell online. Today, the global network numbers over 275,000 members!


Our History - eBay Inc. (40)

eBay Acquires Skype

Wecomplete our acquisition ofpioneering Internet communications company Skype. In 2009, we sell Skypeto a group of investors while retaining a 30% stake in the company.



Our History - eBay Inc. (41)

United Nations Global Compact

We join the United Nations Global Compact, the largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative in the world, demonstrating our belief in the power of business to drive positive social and environmental impact.


Our History - eBay Inc. (42)

Gigayacht: Most Expensive Item Sold on eBay

A Frank Mulder designed gigayacht becomes the most expensive item ever sold on eBay, auctioning off for $168 million, according to news reports.


PayPal Goes Mobile

PayPaldebuts its first mobile application, allowing millions of PayPal users to send money on the go.In 2008, PayPal launches a mobile app for iOS, making it one of the first apps to launch in the Apple app store for the iPhone.


Our History - eBay Inc. (43)

Rajiv Dutta Named PayPal President

Rajiv Dutta is the new President of PayPal. He previously served as President of Skype.



Our History - eBay Inc. (44)

eBay Acquires StubHub

We purchase StubHub and become the world's largest online marketplace for tickets.


Our History - eBay Inc. (45)

eBay Green Team

The eBay Green Team starts with 40 passionate San Jose based employees. Since then, Green Teams have taken root with thousands of employees who promote sustainable business practices, inspire environmentally conscious actions and volunteer for green projects in their communities.



Our History - eBay Inc. (46)

New PayPal President: Scott Thompson

PayPal’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Scott Thompson, is named President.


Our History - eBay Inc. (47)

John Donahoe Named eBay Inc. CEO

John Donahoe, business leader and President of eBay Marketplaces, succeeds Meg Whitman to become President and CEO of eBay Inc. He’s named the #1 Internet CEO by Institutional Investor magazine.

Our History - eBay Inc. (48)

Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

Celebrated for our supportive work environment, eBay Inc. lands a coveted spot onFortunemagazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (and again in 2009).


Our History - eBay Inc. (49)

Greenest Building in San Jose

The PayPal campus becomes the greenest building in San Jose with the opening of the city’s first LEED® Gold-certified building. At the time of opening, the campus was also home to San Jose’s largest commercial solar installation to date.


Our History - eBay Inc. (50)

PayPal’s 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th birthday, PayPal!By its first decade, PayPal has 150 million accounts across 190 countries, with a total payment volume exceeding $60 billion.

Our History - eBay Inc. (51)

eBay becomes an App

eBay is one of the first companies to launch an iPhone application and is featured during the Apple app store launch. Today, the app is available on other operating systems including Android.


Our History - eBay Inc. (52)

Lorrie Norrington Named eBay President

Lorrie Norrington becomes the new President of eBay Marketplaces.


Our History - eBay Inc. (53)

National Medal of Technology & Innovation

eBay becomes the first Internet company to be awarded America’s highest honor for technological achievement, the National Medal of Technology & Innovation. The award recognizes our outstanding contributions to entrepreneurship worldwide.


Our History - eBay Inc. (54)

eBay Adds Bill Me Later

We bring in the leading web-based payment platform Bill Me Later, offering buyers even greater flexibility in their online purchasing. Soon after, eBay and PayPal team up to offercustomers a “Bill Me Later”option during checkout. Today, the service is known as PayPal Credit, joining PayPal Working Capital to offer consumers and businesses a powerful range of flexible credit solutions.


Our History - eBay Inc. (55)

Jack Sheng Sets Record

Jack Sheng of eForcity Inc. sets an eBayMarketplaces record, becoming the first seller to receive a feedback score of 1,000,000. In honor of this, we named a conference room after him.



Our History - eBay Inc. (56)

100% Rating from the Human Rights Campaign

In recognition of our commitment to a discrimination-free workplace, eBay receives a perfect 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign – a distinction the company has continued to receive for every subsequent year until the present day.

Our History - eBay Inc. (57)

Women’s Initiative Network (WIN)

We launch the WIN program to support women in building lasting, successful careers in the company. WIN also provides opportunities for women at all levels to learn, grow, and develop.


Our History - eBay Inc. (58)

Top-Rated Seller Status

We begin recognizing outstanding sellers with our new Top-Rated Sellerstatus, helping buyers find the eBay sellers who most consistently deliver exceptional customer service.


Our History - eBay Inc. (59)

eBay Promotes Deals

eBay launches its Deals app,offering buyers and sellers great deals every day.



Our History - eBay Inc. (60)

eBay comes to the iPad

eBay is on the iPad during its launch! Our new iPad app takes advantage of the tablet’s stunning visuals to build a beautiful and easily shoppable venue. The app is one of the first featured at the Apple keynote debuting the iPad.


Our History - eBay Inc. (61)

eBay Adds Milo.com

We acquire Milo.com, a leader in web-based local product search, helping launch local products on eBay.



Our History - eBay Inc. (62)

The Opportunity Project Opens

Advancing our Social Innovation commitments, the eBay Foundation launches The Opportunity Project. Our signature grant-making program supports entrepreneurial solutions to expand economic opportunity in impoverished communities in the U.S. and emerging markets.

Our History - eBay Inc. (63)

eBay Adds GSI Commerce (eBay Enterprise)

We announce the acquisition of ecommerce specialist GSI Commerce, now known as eBay Enterprise. eBay Enterprise provides commerce technologies, omni-channel operations and marketing solutions to brands and retailers of all sizes.

Ethisphere: World’s Most Ethical Companies

We’re honored to be named one of the world's most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute, a leading business ethics think tank. We will go on to receive this designation for four years straight.


Our History - eBay Inc. (64)

Major Stake in GittiGidiyor

We announce that we will purchase a majority stake in Turkey’s principal online marketplace, GittiGidiyor.


Our History - eBay Inc. (65)

eBay Acquires Magento

To facilitate even stronger open platforms, we announce we will acquire Magento, a leading toolset for open-source ecommerce.


Our History - eBay Inc. (66)

eBay Acquires Zong

We expand our mobile capabilities and announce our acquisition of Zong, a leading mobile carrier billing-based payments platform.


Our History - eBay Inc. (67)

eBay Welcomes Devin Wenig

Former Thomson Reuters Markets CEO Devin Wenig joins as President of eBay Marketplaces.



Our History - eBay Inc. (68)

PayPal Here Announced

PayPal announces PayPal Here, the first mobile payment solution that allows small businesses to accept nearly any form of payment, no matter their size.


Our History - eBay Inc. (69)

PayPal Welcomes David Marcus

Entrepreneur David Marcus, who came to eBay via the Zong acquisition, is named President of PayPal.


Our History - eBay Inc. (70)

$3+ Million Power Lunch with Warren Buffett

The annual charity auction for a power lunch with Warren Buffett goes for a record $3.46 million.


Our History - eBay Inc. (71)

Global Shipping Program Launched

We launch a Global Shipping Program, helping U.S. sellers grow their businesses by more easily shipping to international buyers.



Our History - eBay Inc. (72)

PayPal’s Working Capital Initiative

PayPal pilots its Working Capital initiative, a new loan program for Small Business. By the end of the year, Working Capital enables thousands of SMBs to borrow tens of millions of dollars. In 2014, the program expands to Australia and the U.K.

Our History - eBay Inc. (73)

Braintree Acquisition

To strengthen PayPal’s online payment capabilities, we add an innovative payment platform, Braintree.

Bloom Energy Servers

Advancing our commitment to cleaner energy sources, we open the world’s first data center to use Bloom Energy Servers™ as the primary, on-site power source, instead of the traditional electric utility grid.


Our History - eBay Inc. (74)

Digital Storefronts Unveiled

Pointing the way to the physical storefront of the future, we unveil three connected storefronts at San Francisco’s Westfield Shopping Mall. Customers can browse items in a virtual window, pay using PayPal, and arrange for free home delivery.



Machine Translation Tools

Our path-breaking Machine Translation Tools help drive cross-border commerce, enabling the company to reach consumers in markets like Russia and Latin America.


PayPal Available in 203 Countries

PayPal announces 10 new international markets and is now accessible in 203 countries.


Our History - eBay Inc. (76)

eBay Joins with Sotheby’s

Proving that art isn’t only for the super rich, we join forces with Sotheby’s to offer mid-priced works of art in a virtual live-auction format.


Our History - eBay Inc. (77)

Superman Comic Sold for $3.2 Million

A well-preserved copy of Superman #1 is sold for $3.2 million on eBay. It’s the most expensive comic book ever sold.


Our History - eBay Inc. (78)

eBay and PayPal to Become Two New Companies

eBay and PayPal announce plans to become independent companies in 2015, enabling both to sharpen their strategic focus and hone in on innovative growth opportunities in their respective markets.

Our History - eBay Inc. (79)

Welcoming Dan Schulman

Consumer brands expert Dan Schulman is named as PayPal’s President and CEO designee.



eBay Spins Off PayPal

eBay and PayPal trade as separate companies on Nasdaq stock exchange.

Our History - eBay Inc. (80)

Devin Wenig is eBay’s Fourth CEO

Tapped as our CEO Designee in 2014, Devin Wenigtakes over as eBay CEO.


eBay’s 20th Anniversary

Happy 20th birthday, eBay!


Our History - eBay Inc. (81)

eBay Inc. Completes Sale of eBay Enterprise

eBay Inc. completes the sale of eBay Enterprise to a consortium of businesses for $925 million.



Our History - eBay Inc. (82)

Partnering with BigCommerce to Streamline Online Selling

The partnership allows BigCommerce merchants to seamlessly list their products and manage their inventory on eBay, opening up access to more than 169 million customers around the world.


Our History - eBay Inc. (83)

eBay acquires Expertmaker

In an effort to advance our structured data initiative, eBay acquired Expertmaker, a leading artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics firm.

Our History - eBay Inc. (84)

The Future of Shopping

eBay and Australian retailer Myer partner to launch the first-ever virtual reality department store.


Our History - eBay Inc. (85)

Record bidding matched for Power Lunch with Warren Buffett

$3,456,789 israised for GLIDE in Power Lunch auction with Warren Buffett benefitting San Francisco’s poor, homeless, and most vulnerable residents.

Our History - eBay Inc. (86)

eBay unveils its "Gateway to the Future"

“Main Street,” the newest addition to eBay’s San Jose headquarters, officially opens. The building now serves as a central meeting place and welcome center for visitors and guests.


Our History - eBay Inc. (87)

Stubhub acquires Ticketbis

The largest ticket marketplace in the U.S. continues to grow by expanding into the Latin American, European, and Asia Pacific markets.


Our History - eBay Inc. (88)

Seller Hub Launches

eBay debuts the Seller Hub, a powerful tool that simplifies and streamlines the selling experience and helps sellers scale their businesses.


Our History - eBay Inc. (89)

Say Hello to eBay ShopBot

As shopping habits evolve, eBay is staying ahead of the trend, by launching a smart, personal shopping assistant that you can converse with, powered by AI and running on Facebook Messenger.

Our History - eBay Inc. (90)

eBay acquires Corrigon

We purchase Corrigon, a pioneer of visual search technologies. The acquisition bolsters our structured data efforts and improves image recognition capabilities.


Our History - eBay Inc. (91)

eBay Signs White House Equal Pay Pledge

We are proud to join with the White House in pledging to close the gender wage gap. Based on a 2016 internal study on gender pay equity, we determined that in the U.S., women employees earn 100% of what men make in the same role.

Our History - eBay Inc. (92)

eBay Teams Up with Steph Curry

After the devastating Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire in Oakland, CA, eBay and Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry team up to raise $45,201 in a charitable auction. 100 percent of the proceeds go to benefit the Oakland Fire Relief Fund.



Our History - eBay Inc. (93)

eBay’s Personalized New Homepage Launched

Powered by structured data and designed to drive highly personalized shopping experiences, the new homepage makes it easy for customers to find that perfect item and get inspired by products that match your style and interests.

Our History - eBay Inc. (94)

eBay Announces Guaranteed Delivery

The move allows shoppers to filter their search results by shipping times, and guarantees delivery in 3 days or less on 20 million items, with no membership required!


Our History - eBay Inc. (95)

New Brand Platform “Fill Your Cart With Color” Launches

eBay’s latest brand activation goes live, celebrating individuality and self-expression and challenging uninspired, ‘beige’ shopping habits.

Our History - eBay Inc. (96)

Price Match Guarantee Launches

Includingmore than 50,000 deals in the United States and quickly expanding to Germany and the UK, eBay guarantees that an eligible deal will be the best price online, or we’ll match the lower price of a competitor.


Our History - eBay Inc. (97)

eBay Authenticate Launches

Powered by industry experts and our proprietary verification methods, the eBay Authenticate program guarantees the authenticity of luxury bags sold on eBay. The program has plans to expand to other luxury categories in the near future.

Our History - eBay Inc. (98)

Find It On eBay and Image Search Go Live

These features allow shoppers to use pictures instead of words to search eBay’s 1.1 billion listings, spanning the new and truly unique. Enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning, these innovative ways to shop help you quickly find the things you love, making the entire internet shoppable on your mobile device.


Our History - eBay Inc. (99)

Kiva Marketplace debuts on eBay

In an effort to continue to increase the opportunities available to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, eBay partners with Kiva.org, the microlending platform, to help expand their reach on our global platform.



Our History - eBay Inc. (100)

‘Retail Revival’ Launches in Akron, Ohio

In partnership with the city of Akron and local small business owners, the programhelps educate and empower local entrepreneursto grow and scale their business online, through integrating inventory onto eBay’s global marketplace.

Our History - eBay Inc. (101)

eBay to Intermediate Payments on our Marketplace

In partnership with Adyen, a global payments processor, eBay will beginmanaging the payments flowwithin the marketplace, simplifying the end-to-end experience for buyers and sellers. The transition will be a multi-year journey.


Our History - eBay Inc. (102)

eBay Acquires Giosis

We reach an agreement toacquireGiosis’ business in Japan. The acquisition expands our footprint in Asia, and bolsters the strength of the Qoo10.jp platform to offer more inventory to our Japanese consumers from all over the world.


Our History - eBay Inc. (103)

eBay Leverages AR to Simplify Shipping

eBay unveils a clever solution using Augmented Reality (AR) that enables millions of sellers to quickly select the best USPS flat rate box for items they need to ship.


Our History - eBay Inc. (104)

eBay Introduces eBay@Home

eBay introduces eBay@Home, the company’s first formal work from home program within the Global Customer Experience organization.

eBay Begins Intermediating Payments on its Marketplace Platform in the US

Introduction of eBay’s new managed payments experience in the US marks a significant milestone in the company’s payments journey.


Our History - eBay Inc. (105)

eBay Launches Instant Selling

eBay introduces new program for consumers to sell their smartphones in a matter of minutes.


Our History - eBay Inc. (106)

eBay Authenticate Expands to Jewelry

Initially launched in the luxury handbags and watches categories, eBay’s Authenticate service now includes listings for necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets.



Our History - eBay Inc. (107)

eBay Raises $102 Million for Charity in 2018

eBay raised a record amount in 2018 by connecting buyers and sellers to the causes they care about most.

Our History - eBay Inc. (108)

eBay’s Retail Revival Expands Operations to include the U.S., UK, and Canada

Now live in 3 countries, Retail Revival enables small businesses to harness the power of ecommerce and global trade.


Our History - eBay Inc. (109)

Google Pay Now Accepted on eBay

Increasing choice and flexibility for millions of buyers is a key priority as eBay expands its new managed payments experience.

Our History - eBay Inc. (110)

Retail Revival Expands to North Carolina

eBay officially launches its fifth Retail Revival program in Greensboro, North Carolina, and hosts participating small businesses for a full day of training, networking and more.


Our History - eBay Inc. (111)

Yaroslavl Becomes First Eastern European City to Join Retail Revival

With eBay's support, entrepreneurs in Yaroslavl are working to make its unique offerings accessible to the global market.


Our History - eBay Inc. (112)

Baton Rouge and eBay Announce Economic Development Initiatives

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, becomes the fourth U.S. city to join eBay’s Retail Revival program and eBay launches eBay@Home Baton Rouge, bringing 40 full-time customer-service jobs to the area.

Our History - eBay Inc. (113)

Advocacy Day 2019: eBay Releases Small Business Report

The eBay Government Relations’ Advocacy & Policy Programs Team publishes a new report highlighting how eBay is driving small business trade and balanced and inclusive growth across the United States.

Our History - eBay Inc. (114)

Annual Charity Auction with Warren Buffet Breaks Record

GLIDE’s 20th annual eBay for Charity Power Lunch with Warren Buffet is sold for a record-breaking $4,567,888. The auction has provided over $30 million to support San Francisco’s most vulnerable residents.


Our History - eBay Inc. (115)

eBay Utah Office Announces 100% Renewable Energy

The announcement is part of eBay’s commitment in working toward its 100% renewable energy goal across all offices.

Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019

eBay lands a no. 8 spot in Indeed’s 2019 Top-Rated Workplaces list, up from our fifteenth ranking in 2018.


Our History - eBay Inc. (116)

Managed Payments Officially Launches in Germany

Introduction of eBay’s new managed payments experience in Germany marks a further significant milestone in the company’s payments journey.

Our History - eBay Inc. (117)

eBay HQ Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

San Jose is eBay’s fifth location to move entirely to renewable energy sourcing.

Our History - eBay Inc. (118)

eBay Welcomes Scott Schenkel as Interim CEO

Scott Schenkel is eBay’s interim CEO after four years as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.


Our History - eBay Inc. (119)

eBay for Charity Reaches $1 Billion Milestone

eBay for Charity reached a milestone of $1 billion in total funds raised for charities around the world.



Our History - eBay Inc. (120)

eBay Completes Sale of StubHub

We completed the sale of StubHub to viagogo for $4.05 billion in cash.


Amid COVID-19, Small Business Can Now Apply for eBay's Up & Running Program

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an accelerator program specifically designed to help retailers without an ecommerce presence transition to selling online, pledging up to $100 million in support for small businesses across North America.

Our History - eBay Inc. (121)

Jamie Iannone becomes eBay’s CEO

A highly accomplished leader, Jamie Iannone takes over as eBay CEO in April 2020.


Our History - eBay Inc. (122)

Managed Payments Begins Global Expansion

With the expiration of theOperating Agreement with PayPal,eBay begins scaling its management of payments globally.


Our History - eBay Inc. (123)

eBay Celebrates 25th Anniversary

We celebrate 25 years of eBay with a toast to the community that powers our marketplace.

Our History - eBay Inc. (124)

eBay Introduces Authenticity Guarantee Service for Luxury Watches

eBaylaunches a new post-sale authentication servicefor all watches sold for $2,000 or more in the U.S., providing an extra layer of confidence for shoppers browsing new, pre-owned and vintage watches.

New Members Join eBay's Board of Directors

eBayannouncesthe appointment of Carol Hayles and Mohak Shroff to its Board of Directors. Separately, the company also announced that Jesse Cohn will step down from the Board of Directors. Additionally, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, will step back from board responsibilities, and transition to the role of Director Emeritus.


Our History - eBay Inc. (125)

eBay To Authenticate Sneakers $100+ in U.S.

eBay continues to attract top sneaker sellers and bring the most coveted inventory to the marketplace at the most competitive prices byexpanding its Authenticity Guarantee program to new and pre-owned collectible sneakers.

eBay Launches Go-To Destination for Shopping Refurbished

eBayannouncesa new program with strict standards featuring refurbished inventory from the world’s leading brands and backed by industry-leading warranties. With a range of products to fit different needs and budgets,eBay Refurbishedoffers buyers an affordable and sustainable alternative to shopping new.



Our History - eBay Inc. (126)

New Tool Makes it Faster to List Trading Cards on eBay

Using computer vision technology, the new tool willstreamline listing creationfor the marketplace’s massive trading card community.


NFT Sales Launch on eBay's Marketplace

As part of the company's tech-led reimagination, eBay begins toroll out the sale of NFTson its open marketplace.

New Regulatory Portal to Further Protect eBay Consumers

As part of eBay's longstanding commitment to consumer safety, the new online portalallows participating authorities to flag and take down a listing, outside of the existing consumer reporting facility on site.


Our History - eBay Inc. (127)

eBay Launches Authentication for Luxury Handbags

eBayexpands its Authenticity Guarantee service to include handbags, offering a selection of tens of thousands of new and pre-owned handbags from designers like Saint Laurent, Gucci, Celine and more — marked with a badge of Authenticity Guarantee.

Our History - eBay Inc. (128)

eBay Completes Transfer of Classifieds Business to Adevinta

eBaycompletes the transferof its Classifieds business to Adevinta.


Price Guide & Collection Feature Goes Live for eBay Customers

New toolsallow users to create personal trading card portfoliosto view, manage, track the value of and list items.


McDonald’s and eBay Team Up with Lightsource bp to Power U.S. Operations With Solar

McDonald’s and eBayannounced agreementswith Lightsource bp to purchase power from what will be Louisiana’s largest solar project.


eBay Completes Transfer of its Businesses in Korea to Emart

eBaycompletes the transferof its Korean businesses.

eBay Acquires Sneaker Con Authentication Business

The dealfurthers eBay’s vertical expansion strategy in sneakersand offers customers added confidence in the purchase of high-value items.


Our History - eBay Inc. (129)

New 3D True View Feature for Sneakers is Unveiled

Artificial intelligenceenables new ways for sellers to display their sneakerswith an interactive and high-definition 3D view.



Glassdoor Names eBay as a Best Place to Work in 2022

eBay is honored with an2022 Employees’ Choice Awardby Glassdoor, recognizing it as a best place to work among U.S. companies with more than 1,000 employees.

Our History - eBay Inc. (130)

eBay Launches Authenticity Guarantee for Trading Cards

eBay's authentication servicesfurther expandsto encompass four key enthusiast collector categories: sneakers, watches, handbags and now trading cards.


Our History - eBay Inc. (131)

eBay Hosts Investor Day 2022

As the company'sfirst Investor Dayunder CEO Jamie Iannone, the event features presentations from global leaders across the business about eBay’s long-term growth strategy and the new features and products that will accelerate eBay’s tech-led reimagination.


Our History - eBay Inc. (132)

eBay Motors Kicks Off Its First-Ever New York Auto Parts Show

The eventdebuts a line of "Re-Concept cars"to show how car enthusiasts can build, fix, or maintain their dream car using parts and accessories sourced from eBay.


eBay Becomes a Preferred Secondary Marketplace for Funko

Pop culture enthusiasts on eBay now haveaccess to new and exclusive product releasesfrom Funko.


Our History - eBay Inc. (133)

eBay Launches Its Vault for Trading Cards

A 31,000-square-foot, secure facility and digital marketplace, the eBay vaulthelps trading card enthusiaststo manage their collections while bringing an added layer of confidence to every transaction.

eBay Launches Live Shopping for Collectibles

eBay Live lets enthusiastsdiscover, chat and purchase instantly, from anywhere in the world.

Our History - eBay Inc. (134)

Charity Auction Lunch with Warren Buffet Concludes With Record-Breaking Bid

GLIDE and eBay's annual Power of One Charity Auction Lunch with Warren Buffettcelebrates its grand finale with a historic winning bid of $19,000,100. In total, the auction has raised over $53 million to support San Francisco's most vulnerable residents.

eBay Acquires Leading NFT Marketplace, KnownOrigin

The deal combines eBay’s reach and reputation with KnownOrigin’s leading technology toempower a new wave of NFT creators, sellers and buyers.


Our History - eBay Inc. (135)

eBay Launches Authenticity Guarantee for Fine Jewelry

In collaboration with the Gemological Institute of America, eBayexpands its authentication servicesto its fifth category to foster even more confidence in the shopping and selling environment.


eBay Acquires the myFitment Group of Companies to Enhance Part and Accessories Listing Experience

The dealstrengthens eBay’s parts and accessories categoryby bringing the myFitment companies' valuable, tech-based tools in-house to help sellers increase sales and customer satisfaction.

New Member Joins Board of Directors

eBayannouncesthe appointment of Aparna Chennapragada to its Board of Directors. Separately, the company also announced that Katie Mitic has decided to step down from the Board of Directors.


Our History - eBay Inc. (136)

eBay Acquires Collectible Card Game Marketplace, TCGplayer

The deal complements eBay’s focus category strategy and builds on its offerings tobring even more selection to trading card enthusiasts.



eBay Acquires 3PM Shield to Bring Advanced Marketplace Compliance Technology In-House

Bringing 3PM Shield to eBay is part of eBay’s ongoing commitment to provide sellers and buyers with a safe and trusted platform enabled by technology. 3PM Shield enhances eBay’s ability to address suspicious or harmful seller behavior, and potentially problematic items.


Our History - eBay Inc. (137)

eBay Acquires Certilogo

Deal brings new, ‘Secure by Design’ digital ID technology, authentication to eBay fashion category, expanding opportunities in the circular economy.

Our History - eBay Inc. (2024)
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