Ethos, Pathos, Or Logos? An Advertisem*nt That Shows A Picture Of A Crashed Car, With The Tagline: Speeding (2024)

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Answer 1


Pathos because it appeals to emotions. I believe.

Answer 2




This advertisem*nt appeals to the senses, and causes readers to sympathize with the situation. It was created to caution people that speeding is deadly.


uses examples of things that will connect with the reader emotionally.

(ex. ASPCA uses videos of cute dogs to get people to send money.)


Uses logic and statistics and numbers to make people believe something.

Like if you see something and it says "over 99.95% of people trust this product" then you might be more willing to trust it too, versus when you see something that says "lots of people trust our product" you wont believe it because they could be referring to two or three people as being 'lots'.


Uses credibility to imply that the product or information is trustworthy.

Ex. if you have watched a commercial for a type of medicine, and there is a doctor on screen, recommending it, then you feel like it is trustworthy, because doctors are smart.

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This is my sis's please help y'all
Every night, my father and I read a story before bed, he does the best character voices.

Which of the following fixes the error?

Every night, my father and I read a story, before bed and he does the best character voices.
Every night, my father and I read a story before bed. He does the best character voices.
Every night, my father and I read a story before bed he does the best character voices.
Every night, my father and I read a story before bed, so he does the best character voices.



Every night, my father and I read a story before bed. He does the best character voices.


It makes sense that these are separated into two sentences. without any pause, this would be a run-on sentence. Adding the word "and" also makes it a run-on sentence. The comma before "bed" in the last one is in the wrong place.


The second one


Every night, my father and I read a story before bed. He does the best character voices.

finish breaking the sentence into three seperate ideas



1- were tested

2- stayed in the same

3- switches to a different

Which of the following statements reflects a goal of communication? a. ""Let’s all work together to figure out the plan for this project. "" b. ""Who will volunteer to research subjects we can learn about?"" c. ""I can help out; I have some extra time today. "" d. All of the above.


The statements reflects a goal of communication include option D: All of the above.

What are the goals of communication?

There is not a single way to defined what goals of communication are. This is because communication is the subject of numerous studies and theories. Generally, it's agreed that some of the purposes of communication are to get and give information, request, persuade, and build relationships.

All of the following statements reflect some goals of communication. In the first one, we have persuasion and an attempt at building relationships.

In the second one, the speaker is trying to get information. In the third, the speaker is the one giving information and building a relationship.

This is why option D is the correct one.

Learn more about Communication, refer to the link:

100 POINTS!! PLEASE HELP ME WRITE THIS ESSAY ASAP! (topic is attached)!!!!

- Write a complete draft of your paper. It must be at least three pages in MLA format.

- Include a works cited page in MLA format.

- Include in-text citations in MLA format.




School Uniforms


Hello guys, how have you all been doing today? My name is ________ and my speech is about school uniforms. Do you guys like the idea of wearing school uniforms? There are many pros and cons that I would like to share. Some pros are that they help build school spirit, create less bullying since everyone is wearing the same thing, saves time in the morning so that you don't have to take a long time finding an outfit, you won't get dress coded, and the uniforms help improve your school reputation. Some cons are that uniforms may be expensive, they could be uncomfortable, they lack freedom of expression since your clothes help represent you as a person, they could violate your religious culture, they might look ugly to some people, and people might take forever finding their uniforms if they lost them. Now, I'm done with my speech. Does anyone have anything they like to add? Does anyone have any questions? Will you guys wear uniforms? If so, please explain your reasoning. Thank you for listening.

(Have a good day! - This detail might not be needed unless you want to.)

Speeches are like talk shows. You have to make it like you're talking to someone. You have to make it like you're trying to connect with them. Ask them questions that they could relate to and let them express their opinions. Try being friendly with your audience. I suggest making a slideshow or presentation when presenting the speech to reach the 5-minute limit.

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The text 1. 1. 74-75 in Romeo and Juliet mainly shows


The text seen in 1.1.74-75 in Romeo and Juliet mainly shows the fight that broke out when the citizens came to fight the Capulets.

What is Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet is a play that was written by William Shakespeare. The play reveals the story of Romeo and Juliet who fell in love with each other. Their death led to the reconciliation of the feud that existed in the two families.

Act 1 Scene 1 74-75, we see that there was an uproar from some citizens who seem to be from Montague who wanted to fight the Capulets and Capulet requested for his sword from Lady Capulet.

Learn more about Romeo and Juliet on

Sharon joined a team that was responsible for boosting sales on last year’s electronic models. The team began in january and was scheduled to run until may, meeting once a week. The team consisted of four women, all with marketing and sales background. When the group first met, they learned they had much in common, outside of work. Now, the majority of time each meeting was spent talking about spouses, children, shopping, and hobbies. At the first meeting in march, one of the four said, "you know, we have to have a presentation ready in less than two month. " that seems to set everyone in motion. The group quickly divided responsibilities and set to work. The presentation was a success. This scenario describes.


The situation with Sharon and her team describes punctuated equilibrium. (option A)

What is punctuated equilibrium?

In punctuated equilibrium, the team does not seem to make much progress at first. It is about halfway through to their deadline that the team begins to work to make things happen, so they speed up their activities.

That is precisely what happened to Sharon's team. At first, the women were more interested in sharing stories and experiences concerning their personal lives. Halfway through, however, they realized their deadline was close, so they began to work to complete the project.

With the information above in mind, we can select option A as the correct answer.

The missing options for this question are:

punctuated equilibriumparallel teamsthe storming stage of team developmentsequential interdependencesimilarity attraction approach

Learn more about team development here:

1. What is ironic or unexpected about this story? Or, what makes this story so funny? Cite text in your response. The ransom of red chief


In O. Henry's The Ransom of Red Chief, a plan to abduct a boy and hold him for ransom goes horribly wrong. Bill apologizes for handing up the ransom when the reader and Sam can view the boy. Situational irony happens when the reverse occurs.

I hope this helps you

Where is the noun in this sentence: the patient harassed Dr Carter?



patient Is a common noun


Dr Carter is a proper noun

What is the character's motivation for the decisions and actions he/she/it makes? The appearance of the sorcerer​


The character's motivation for the decisions and actions that they make are:
" To be with his family again for as long as he could. The sorcerer is the narrator's Grandfather.

What is Motive in Literature?

Motive or motivation is the reason why a person will carry out a task, execute an action or do a thing.

Motive is important in literature as it helps to distinguish between antagonist and protagonist.

Learn more about a motive in literature at:

Select the correct answer
Read the following passage and identify the conflict in it.
Anna's 11th birthday was coming soon. Her parents were planning a big party. Anna loved reading and wanted a
bookshelf to hold her books. But she didn't ask her parents for the shelf. She knew her parents wanted to surprise her
with their gif, and she didn't want to spoil it.
The day of the party arrived, Anna was dressed in a pretty blue dress as she welcomed her guests. She was eager to open
her presents. Most of all, she wanted to know what her parents had given her
Anna glanced at the table that held her presents. Her parents gift seemed rather thin and sleek. Anna was afraid that
they had given her yet another book. Anna quickly unwrapped her parents' gift and realized that she had been right. It
was a novel about a young girl who went out on an adventure.
After the party, a disappointed Anna walked up to her room. When she opened the door, she saw another package in the
center of the room. She ran to the package and tore
away the wrapping. Anna gasped. Her parents had given her a
beautiful bookshelf. Now she could keep her favorite books nearby on the shelf
Anna thanked her parents and thought she was the luckiest kid ever.
Anna wants a new bookshelf, but her parents only gave her a book.
Anna's parents are not sure what to give Anna for her birthday,
O Anna wants a bookshell, but she also doesn't want to spoil her parents' surprise.
Anna's parents give Anna a book for her birthday, but they really wanted to give her a bookshelf.



the conflict would most likely be that Anna wants a bookshelf, but she also doesn't want to spoil her parents' surprise.

hi, how are yall ? I am new !


Hello I am great! Welcome to brainy I'm sure you'll find it helpful and welcoming. If your are going to ask a question make it a worth while one if you can, especially since you use points. Bye!

HELP!!! According to the article, why was Dr. Wu's success in proving the new theory important?

A.It allowed her to undertake nuclear research at Columbia.
B.It opened the doors to a teaching position at Princeton.
C.It furthered physicists' understanding of the universe.
D.It exposed the prejudice against Asians in California.



According to the article, it furthered physicists' understanding of the universe. Thus, option C is the correct option.

Dr. Wu's success in proving the new theory was important because it contributed to the advancement of physicists' comprehension of the universe. By confirming the theory, she expanded the scientific community's insights into fundamental principles governing natural phenomena.

Her achievement added a significant piece to the puzzle of understanding the cosmos, potentially leading to broader applications and insights in physics. While options A and B focus on her personal career advancements, option D addresses a different social issue. However, the primary significance of Dr. Wu's accomplishment was its contribution to the progression of scientific knowledge.

Thus, option C is the correct option.

Learn more about physicists here:


Write a paraphrase of each of the following sentences:
Many invertebrates, such as snails and worms and crustaceans, on the other hand, have a spiral pattern of cleavage. Similarly, the muscles will not grow in length unless they are attached to tendons and bones so that as bones lengthen, they are stretched. Besides being a theory about the basis and origin of knowledge and the contents of our minds in general, empiricism is also sometimes a methodology. As opposed to this, Locke is often supposed to be saying that, in addition to properties, things have a "substratum" which "supports" their properties


The paraphrase of the excerpt is given such that the original meaning of the sentence is retained.

What is the paraphrased version of the excerpt?

The paraphrased version of the excerpt is:

"On the other side, many invertebrates, such as snails, worms, and crustaceans, have a spiral cleavage pattern. Similarly, muscles cannot develop in length unless they are linked to tendons and bones, allowing them to extend as the bones lengthen.

Empiricism is a theory regarding the foundations and origins of knowledge, as well as the contents of human thoughts in general. It is also a methodology at times. In contrast, Locke is frequently quoted as arguing that objects have a "substratum" that "supports" their properties in addition to their properties."

A paraphrase is an act of stating a fact or information with different words in a way that the original meaning is kept and more clarity is given.

It may also mean the act of saying something in one's own words while keeping the original meaning intact.

Learn more about paraphrases at:

Read the selection below from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift and answer the question that follows.
I had as I before observed, one private pocket which escaped their search, wherein there was a pair of spectacles
(which I sometimes use for the weakness of my eyes) a pocket perspective, and some other little conveniences,
which being of no consequence to the emperor, I did not think myself bound in honor to discover and I
apprehended they might be lost or spoiled if I ventured them out of my possession
What evidence from the passage above suggests that Gulliver may have hidden motives for writing the travel
O Gulliver cannot see without his spectacles
O A person who has private pockets cannot be trusted.
• Pocket perspectives are never required when interacting with another culture group
O Gulliver is keeping information from the Lilliputians.



Gulliver cannot see without his spectacles


Pair of spectacles

why do people always try to manipulate people in power?


When others, usually of lower rank, status etc see that the person/people above them have special benefits or more power over them, they want that power. So they try to manipulate and lead the person above them into making mistakes or causing problems so they can get that role.

Squanders the world's plenty



i dont know what you mean



Nobody wrote an essay. (into passive)​


Into passive: “The Essay was being written by nobody.”

I hope this helps you!

A Quilt of a Country paragraph 5 summary


hello i would like to help but i’m not sure what you meant by “paragraph 5” are you talking about this passage itself it would be helpful to add it on the question if so

Make a title about this short paragraph and write a statement that is your own opinion about this paragraph



Title: Pirates of the 1680s — 1700s

Statement: In my opinion, this paragraph shares some interesting information about pirates, such as how St. Thomas was knows as ‘Thieves Haven’ after a massive strike in its economy. It is certainly intriguing and somewhat amusing, to say the least.

Select the correct answer. What is the origin of the word renaissance? A. It comes from the word rebirth. B. It comes from the word revival. C. It comes from the word reason. D. It comes from the word redeem.



A. It comes from the word rebirth


The renaissance period was a period of rebirth for places because they were previously in the dark ages which were rough, the rennissance was new and full of discovery.

If a captain flogs a sailor, is the sailor embarrassed or injured? Explain.​


The emotion that the sailor would feel if his captain flogs him is one of embarrassment.

What is a Feeling?

This refers to the emotional state of a person about a particular thing at any given point in time.

Hence, we can see that a captain is the head of a ship, and as such, he has command of his sailors, and if for some reason his sailor disobeys his command and he slaps him, the sailor would most likely have a feeling of embarrassment.

Read more about feelings here:

According to the dictionary, to flog means to beat with a whip or stick as punishment or torture. Therefore, if a captain flogs a sailor, the sailor is most likely injured by the physical pain and damage caused by the flogging. The sailor may also be embarrassed by the public humiliation and loss of dignity that comes with being flogged, depending on the sailor's personality and the captain's intention. However, embarrassment is a subjective feeling that may vary from person to person, while injury is an objective fact that can be observed and measured. In this context, a human might say that injury is more important than embarrassment, because it affects the sailor's health and well-being more directly and severely.

What subject did the Modernist era writer reflect on?

The aftermath of WWI

Contemporary times - things

The romantic era

The industrial revolution



the aftermath of WW1


In literature, visual art, architecture, dance, and music, Modernism was a break from the past and the concurrent search for new forms of expression.

Modernism fostered a period of experimentation in the arts from the late 19th to the mid-20th century, particularly in the years following World War I.

The correct option is A:- The aftermath of WWI

What subject did the Modernist era writer reflect on?

Modernist literature focused on science, philosophy, art, and a variety of creative elements to examine the human experience.

Postmodernism, however, eschews absolute meaning and instead emphasizes play, and intertextuality.

For more information about Modernist, refer to the link:-

What do you think is the importance of following rules? Why do we also need to follow rules in Grammar? Answer the question in 5-10 sentences or more.



We need to follow rules because they help keep society in order. Rules like the law keep everyone in check and safe. We need to follow grammar rules because they make writing less ambiguous. Readers better understand the piece of writing as they would also use the same principles. This makes the piece of writing more clear to them.

Write a 200-300 word essay stating your position on whether it is better to live in a
large city or in a small town.

Be sure to --
State your position clearly
Use appropriate organization
Provide specific support for your argument
Choose your words carefully
Edit your writing for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.


Answer: Answer: I think it is better to live in a large city because It has a lot of job opportunities. There are a lot of job opportunities in the city than there are in a small town. Also, It has a mass transportation system. They have buses and taxis, But some subways offer a relatively quick and convenient solution to help you get from one point to another and as well as traffic along the way. As well as, meeting new people. But you might be asking " You can meet people in just about any town in the world, whether big or small though?" However, the experience is different in a big city as they are. There are also more people in a city which means you will be encountering new faces every day. Another one of the good things about living in the city is the vast lines of top-quality restaurants to dine in and shopping malls to buy some of the best-branded items around. Because of the large city we have a big population. Having a large population means a lot of places to eat, shop, buy, etc. In conclusion, I think it is better to live in a large city.


Why is friar lawrence reluctant to marry paris to juliet.


She was Alr married to Romeo

I've finished this salad and I'm still hungry. I ___________ ordered something more filling



If this is asking to pick any word that goes well with it an example could be eventually then or later. If this has a specific word bank to choose from please let me know.


if there are examples to the question then choose from them but if there isn’t any use.” however”

What should the writer do to correct this sentence?
During the game Mary wanted to go to the concession stand badly, but it was too interesting to leave.



During the game, Mary wanted to go to the concession stand badly; but it was too interesting to leave.


assuming that you just want to fix it grammatically:

add a comma after the word game because it is a dangling modifier

add a semicolon after the word badly because it separates 2 independent clauses.

In the story, the Woken
in the Experiment believe that they get to choose their fate: either to die or
to reconnect with the rest of the Woken. Can we really control our fate? Describe a time when you
thought you had complete control over a choice you were making, but things didn't go as planned.



I believe In a sense,people can control their fate.Ultimately one can learn action and consequense or reward,but notalways does itwork in that way for us.Some need to experiencebad in lifetolearn for the betterof them. In this case, i believe one can't control their fate,life and death isinevitable and left in the hands of the world around you. For, its notyour world everyone is living in, its everyones worldyou are part of.
Every choice has different affects than what we expect at times. We don'tfall asleep and hope we have a dream instead of a nightmare...we don't choose whether when we wake if we'd remember it or not. We can only dowhat our minds allow us in such a case.


In the story, the woken in the experiment, participants feel they have the ability option of choosing their fate: to die or to live. Thus, option first is correct.

What is the meaning of Experiment?

Experiment refers to the examination done in order to test the actions performed in the specific manner is appropriate or not and to notice certain effects as well as impact of the actions which ultimate results in the learning of something new.

Woken is the tale which talks about the death and birth of the species as well as every creature on the Earth. It is allocation of the love of life and humanity and the secrets of the supreme powers.

In the story, people have some power over their fate. Finally, one can understand action and consequence or reward, although this does not always work for us.

Therefore, it can be concluded that option first is correct.

Learn more about the experiment here:


write a short story which begins with the sentence He couldn't believe his dream had finally come true . 100 words


He couldn’t believe his dream had finally come true. “MUM, DAD!” he called out, but nothing. The young boy ran downstairs, noticing that everything had looked like a lovely expensive palace “wow” he said in shock, he ran to the enormous kings chair in the living room proudly and started asking for a maid as a joke, but to his surprise “mum, is that you?”…

3. Fill in the blanks with the correct word.

If you wrote correct answers, you ........ more marks.(would get / will get)​



you would


because it is past

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3.The height of a triangle is 4 inches shorterthan its base. The area of the triangle is 198square inches. Find the dimensions of thetriangle(system of equation) only 2 please thanks who ever can help ill give brainlist 100 BRAINLY POINTS!!!Each point on the scatter plot below represents the number of hours a student studied for a test and thestudent's test scores.Which equation is the closest approximation to the line of best fit?A. y = -10x + 92B. y = 6x + 59C. y = 10x + 45D. y = 15x + 30PLEASE HURRY CUHEXPLAIN YOUR ANSWERSHOW YOUR WORK What is the difference between sarcasm and cynicism? 25Which equation best represents the relationship between x and y in the graph?Y9S254321-23Ay=-4-343BY--x-3c y = - 8x - 4D y = - 3X -4Cy7XDy=-31* What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 12 inches? which of the following steps were applied to ABCD to obtain A'B'C'D'?A. shifted 3 units left and 2 units upB. shifted 2 units left and 4 units upC. shifted 2 units left and 3 units up D. shifted 3 units left and 4 units up Which is the pattern for factoring the sum of cubes Which of the following describes a limiting factor of population size? Birth rate Death rate Available land Gestational period Help me, please! It's all in the question...! Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?acordingstudiespublishedarticle All species have a maximum tolerance limit before they are no longer suited to live in their environment. In three to five sentences, discuss the potential outcomes for a species when that maximum limit is reached. There are at least four possibilities, and one point will be assigned per potential outcome mentioned. Which inequality represents all possible solutions of -6n < -12?A n2C n 72the last question i posted someone tried to ip grab me Can someone help me on this question? I Just need help with the 3rd question. Use the word bank below to answer. Ill mark you brainliest if you answer soon!!! Make x the subject of the formulay = x^2 To resolve a local problem, how should citizens decide between various public policy alternatives?o weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each alternativeselect the alternative with the lowest costo choose the alternative most residents prefero delay reaching any decision until the problem resolves itself Help picture below problem 14 Evaluate the function for the given value of x. Crest toothpaste markets its fruit flavored toothpaste to children, and its whitening toothpaste to adults. This is an example of Blank______ segmentation. A. demographic B. behavioral C. psychographic D. geographic The rate of reaction between two gases increases when the temperature is increased and a catalyst is added. Which statements correctly describe the effect on the reaction?I. Increasing temperature increases collision frequencyII. Increasing temperature decreases activation energyIII. Adding a catalyst increases the activation energy requirementIV. Adding a catalyst decreases the activation energy requirementGroup of answer choicesI and IIIII and IVI and IVII and III

Ethos, Pathos, Or Logos? An Advertisem*nt That Shows A Picture Of A Crashed Car, With The Tagline: Speeding (2024)
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