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Quick Info about: Best VPN for Android Phones and TV Boxes

Every Internet user requires the best VPN for Android Box to get access to the content of various foreign websites, safeguarding their privacy. The Android TV box has access to a wide diversity of entertainment services than a normal TV. but since it uses the internet to unblock these services, it is not safe from similar cyber threats as your other Android devices. Because of this, you must install the best VPN for Android TV box to enjoy your favorite shows safely.

Downloading a VPN for your Android device can provide you with many benefits, such as keeping yourself safer and more anonymous online, being able to stream shows and sports you wouldn’t normally be able to watch, and getting around irritating blocks on certain apps or websites. That’s why, according to our new survey, more than 50% of VPN users have downloaded theirs on their Android. This prevents your ISP from recognizing the sites you visit, the content you stream, and selling information about your online activities or using them to explain throttling your Internet connection speeds.

Check the list of the best VPN for Android phones and TV Box


Just as ExpressVPN consistently tops the list as the fastest VPN on the market, its Android app is designed with a streamlined approach aimed at connecting quickly with no hassle. A single button on your home screen prompts an Android user to connect quickly, with the only accompanying option, a drop-down location selector with the fastest nearby city selected by default.

ExpressVPN’s other options — its security and privacy tools, account and setup options, and support page — are neatly tucked away under a three-bar garden-variety icon in the top-left corner of the screen. And they are worth checking out. ExpressVPN has included a built-in IP address checker, along with two leak testers and a password generator.


NordVPN is without a doubt the most popular and well-known Android VPN app in our guide, amassing over 50 million downloads to date with one of the highest ratings on Google Play as well. The Android app is easy to download and use, although admittedly we haven’t always been fans of its default mapping system for choosing your location.

In addition to an arsenal of nifty features that enhance your online privacy, the service also has a “zero logs” policy (audited by none other than PricewaterhouseCoopers), meaning it doesn’t track user activity online, which now has been supported on Android. ioXt Alliance certified.

surfer shark

The real strengths of Surfshark are the features that are rarely seen. Whitelister, for example, is a split tunneling tool that allows you to decide which apps and websites use the VPN connection. It’s useful because some sites block VPN access, so you need to disable it to access them. Surfshark’s solution is very neat and beats most of the competition.

Another feature that is often missing is multi-hop, which creates a VPN connection to one server and then bounces your traffic to a second VPN server for even more security. Surfshark’s multi-hop connections are limited to the pre-made ones provided by the company, while IVPN allows you to create a multi-hop connection between two of their servers.


CyberGhost is one of the most security-conscious VPNs available. They do not keep logs of your browsing history, fast connection times, or your real IP address. All traffic is protected with 256-bit encryption. It even includes extra features like a built-in ad blocker, forced HTTPS redirect, and malware protection so you can make sure you’re protected against the most common internet threats and annoyances at all times.

The CyberGhost app has specific servers that you can select based on what you would like to achieve. For example, there are servers optimized for streaming, as well as those designed for safe torrenting. While CyberGhost offers fewer locations to choose from than some of its rivals, it does have a large number of servers on its global network, including Europe and the US. This is where most of the popular streaming platforms are based.


VyprVPN is last on our list just because of its inconsistent speeds. Apart from that, its comprehensive combination of features makes it one of the best VPNs for Android TV boxes. The app is compatible with third-party Android TV boxes from various manufacturers, but works with TV boxes running on the most current version of Android: Android 5.0 or higher.

VyprVPN covers all the basics well, allowing you to enjoy top-notch security, online privacy, and freedom on Android TV devices. Unblocks major streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and BBCiPlayer. IP addresses. Still, it made it to our list of the best VPNs for Netflix.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is an excellent free VPN that is easy to use and has many features. The free version is one of the best free VPNs we have tested. It’s safe, secure and works with torrent clients. The premium version works with Netflix and has faster speeds.

We examine each Atlas VPN feature to see if it’s worth using over the other options on the market. We tested Atlas VPN speeds, security, throughput, logging policy, and more. Our tests found that the free Atlas VPN app works in China, can download torrents quickly, and has a private logging policy. Its 10 GB monthly data limit was also enough for our basic web activities.


IPVanish supports a wide variety of protocols, and they come with some useful customizable privacy features like multiple OpenVPN ports, WireGuard, DNS leak protection, and an efficient kill switch. IPVanish also claims to be a zero log provider and proves their words with an independent audit.

IPVanish desktop and mobile apps are detailed, detailed, and backed by plenty of interface options and tons of data at your fingertips. However, they can be a bit complex for less experienced users, and the iOS and Android apps miss out on some features we’d like to see included. However, the apps are powerful and stable but rarely get new features due to the fact that they are updated infrequently.


PureVPN is a good VPN service that is reliable and easy to use. There are often deep discounts on your two-year subscription, making it a good value. We’re still waiting for WireGuard to be added for faster speeds, but it has a good track record of unblocking popular streaming services.

PureVPN used to have a lot of virtual servers. There are pros and cons here, but what matters is whether a VPN service clearly marks those servers as virtual in its apps. PureVPN has decided to remove almost all virtual servers from its network and now only has 69, which means that 98.7% of those 6,500 servers are physical.


Many users consider UltraVPN to be the best VPN for Android TV Box in terms of security. Your privacy is the main focus of this great server that has a no logging policy. UltraVPN does not monitor your location online, nor does it track the services you use. Such a high level of security will allow you to remain anonymous while you are active online.

Covering all major continents, UltraVPN offers servers in 55 states, which is quite high compared to what other VPNs offer. It is compatible with Android Box and also offers its users a specially developed Chrome extension. This VPN also provides access to Netflix, Hulu, Sky, Now TV, and file sharing.

private internet access

Like most VPNs, Private Internet Access incentivizes longer subscriptions at deep discounts. A one-year plan costs $39.95, which is significantly less than the $70.06 average we’ve seen from the VPNs we’ve reviewed. Private Internet Access also has a three-year plan for $79.

The company changes its discounted subscriptions frequently, but you should expect most deals to be around those price points. Still, we caution against starting out with a long-term subscription. Instead, start with a short-term plan so you can test the service at home and see if the VPN meets your needs.

Final words: Best VPN for Android Phones and TV Boxes

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Best VPN For Android Phones And TV Boxes - Bollyinside (2024)


Can I use a VPN on an Android TV box? ›

It's easy to set up a VPN on an Android TV or Android TV box. As long as your chosen VPN provider has an Android app on the Google Play Store, you should have no issues getting it to run. I'll use Surfshark as an example.

Which VPN is the strongest for Android phones? ›

The three best Android VPNs in 2024
  • NordVPN: the best Android VPN. NordVPN is a massively popular service that works like a charm on Android devices—and just about any other gadget you happen to have. ...
  • ExpressVPN: easy to use and super-speedy. ...
  • Surfshark: the best budget VPN for Androidp.
Mar 15, 2024

Is there a 100% free VPN for Android? ›

Yes – ProtonVPN is a completely free Android VPN that you can use for as long as you like. It offers unlimited data and servers in 3 locations. Plus, there's a kill switch that works as a last security resort.

How do I get a free VPN on my Android box? ›

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Free VPNs for Android TV Box in 2024
  1. Editor's Choice. ExpressVPN. ...
  2. CyberGhost. Streaming-optimized servers for various platforms and a user-friendly interface.
  3. Proton VPN. 100% free VPN with unlimited data, but it doesn't work well with streaming sites.
  4. ...
  5. Hotspot Shield.
Mar 28, 2024

Does NordVPN work on Android TV box? ›

Yes, NordVPN works on Android TV and Nvidia Shield. This tutorial will show you how to install and use the NordVPN app on your device.

Is NordVPN better than Surfshark? ›

NordVPN offers more than 6300 ultra-fast VPN servers covering 111 countries, while Surfshark has over 3,200 servers covering 100 countries. Overall, NordVPN has more servers in Europe and North America, while Surfshark offers more choices in Asia, Africa, and South America.

What is the number 1 free VPN for Android? ›

Best Free VPN for Android: Quick Recap

Atlas VPN – best performance overall. ProtonVPN – the most secure free VPN. – best free no-log VPN for Android. TunnelBear – servers in almost 50 countries.

What is the best free unlimited VPN for Android? ›

  • Proton VPN Free: Best Free VPN for Android. ...
  • Windscribe Free: Best Free Android VPN for Server Locations. ...
  • PrivadoVPN Free: Best Free Android VPN for Streaming. ...
  • ExpressVPN: Overall Best Android VPN. ...
  • NordVPN: Best Android VPN for Streaming.
Mar 27, 2024

How to find hidden VPN on Android? ›

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet. VPN. If you can't find it, search for "VPN." If you still can't find it, get help from your device manufacturer.
  3. Tap the VPN you want.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Tap Connect. If you use a VPN app, the app opens.

Is there any 100% free VPN? ›

Proton VPN's free tier is the only truly free VPN we've encountered that's worth using. True, it lacks support for torrenting and doesn't include all the bells and whistles as its paid subscriptions, but Proton VPN's free tier is secure and doesn't put limits on speed, data or usage time like most other free VPNs do.

Is there a free VPN that actually works? ›

For a free VPN, PrivadoVPN Free offers the most comprehensive package on the market. With the only real limitations being restricted fast data, a smaller number of servers and only a single device being allowed on each plan, it's well worth a try – especially if you're after a Netflix VPN for free.

Is there an absolutely free VPN? ›

Here are a few popular free VPN options: TunnelBear: Known for its user-friendly interface and free version that allows 500MB of data per month. Windscribe: Offers a free version with 10GB of data per month, and includes some additional security features like ad-blocking and firewall. Hotspot Shield: Offers a free.

How do I add a VPN to my Android TV box? ›

How To Secure Your Android TV Box with a VPN
  1. Visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Download and install VyprVPN for Android onto your Android TV.
  3. Enter your login credentials and click Connect.
  4. That's it! ...
  5. You can also download the APK from the VyprVPN website and sideload the app to your Android TV device.

Can you get a free VPN for a smart TV? ›

Being one of the top Smart TV VPN providers, ProtonVPN supports HD and 4K streaming. You'll find its mobile/desktop apps impeccable as well, and each plan comes with 10 simultaneous connections. Better yet, ProtonVPN has a free plan.

What's the best free VPN for Android TV? ›

Windscribe — Good Free VPN With Unlimited Connections

It consistently works with various streaming sites, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. So you can stream content available in your location on your Android TV Box without interruptions.

What is the best VPN client for Android TV? ›

Our favorite provider for this device is ExpressVPN. Undoubtedly, it's also a great VPN for Android Smart TV in 2024 and is on par with NordVPN. With 3,000+ servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN makes unblocking geo-restrictions a walk in the park.

How to install IPVanish on Android box? ›

Find and select the Google Play Store app from the Android TV home screen.
  1. Select the Google Play search box, type ipvanish vpn and select the IPVanish VPN app from the list of results.
  2. Select INSTALL. ...
  3. Connecting to IPVanish. ...
  4. From the Quick Connect screen, select your desired Country, City, and Server and click CONNECT.
Apr 16, 2024

How to setup OpenVPN on Android TV box? ›

Install “OpenVPN for Android” from Google Play on your TV.
  1. Launch OpenVPN for Android and tap + to import the OpenVPN profiles that you downloaded.
  2. Click Import and navigate to the folder on the USB Flash Drive where you placed the OpenVPN profiles and select the servers you want to import.

What streaming box supports VPN? ›

Chromecast with Google TV, like the Fire Stick, is another easy-to-use device that lets you stream TV through a third-party VPN app for around $40. After you've plugged your Chromecast with Google TV into your TV and followed the setup instructions, you can download most VPN apps, like and NordVPN, onto your device.

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