AtlasVPN Review: Why is it so popular? (2024)

AtlasVPN, a relatively new player in the market, has managed to curate a respectable reputation amongst peers and users alike.

Since its formation in 2019, the brand has been committed to making internet safety fully accessible. Having established themselves as one of the most cost-effective providers, with more than 6 million total users, AtlasVPN has bridged the gap between quality and affordability.

Providing a superior collection of encryption protocols, along with a sophisticated security and privacy offering, this VPN allows users to carry out their online activities with greater protection and anonymity.

Pros and cons of AtlasVPN


  • Substantial unblocking capabilities
  • Offers a free-forever plan
  • Comprehensive security features


  • Based in a privacy un-friendly jurisdiction
  • Smaller location offering than competitors

Key AtlasVPN features

There are a number of reasons as to why AtlasVPN has fast become one of the most popular choices of VPN, many of which include the impressive features that customers can access under a subscription.

Firstly, AtlasVPN is an inarguably safe private network. Much like most people who enlist the use of a VPN for their online activity, this factor was paramount for me.

As I work online and travel often, I needed a provider that could ensure my personal and work-related data was subject to the utmost security measures, whether I am in an airport, café or co-working space.

The protection offered by their ChaCha 20 and AES 256-bit encryption is reinforced by the addition of hash algorithms and message authentication. This means that my data is even more inaccessible to cyber criminals, and my traffic is unaltered.

Additionally, AtlasVPN provides the ability to operate online via numerous different IP addresses at once.

Using the SafeSwap privacy feature, you can route your traffic through a collection of alternative IP addresses, each of which changes as you navigate through various sessions.

This constant rotation bolsters your anonymity, making it immensely difficult to track your activity.

AtlasVPN supplies video, privacy and speed-optimized servers. These allow customers to watch their favorite content, seamlessly and entirely uninterrupted, achieve the fastest connectivity and be subject to advanced security features.

With these optimized servers, you can enjoy a heightened user experience. I have found these servers particularly useful, especially when streaming during flight layovers.

With unlimited device connections being permitted by AtlasVPN, both you and your family or friends can avail of complete online security.

This way everyone can game, stream, browse and torrent with complete peace of mind.

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How much does AtlasVPN cost?

As previously mentioned, AtlasVPN is a notably cost-effective provider, offering one of the most reasonable prices currently available.

Under a subscription-based model, customers can choose between three different plans, each of which is priced significantly lower than industry standards.

The lowest fee I was able to access the service for was a minor $1.64 a month. This is part of the 2-year plan.

Furthermore, AtlasVPN offers an outright free version of their service. This is available on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

For customers who choose a premium subscription, there is a money-back guarantee provided should they wish to discontinue their use. This affords you an entire 30 days to decide on both the 2-year and 1-year subscriptions, with 14 days being offered for the 1-month plan.

Despite already being inherently cost-efficient, AtlasVPN also occasionally runs coupons and promotions on these plans.

How many servers does AtlasVPN have?

AtlasVPN offers over 1,000 servers across more than 45 countries.

Although this is by no means one of the largest location networks, there are still more than enough connection opportunities to facilitate your online activities. These span across several continents, some of which are typically underserved by other leading competitors, including South America.

Unlike other competitors, Atlas does not employ the use of any virtual servers. This means that each of the brand’s servers is physically located exactly where they are supposed to be.

Additionally, the providers do not own any of the servers included in their catalogue.

Rather, each of these is rented, and managed, by AtlasVPN from numerous vendors.

Privacy and security

On the matter of security, AtlasVPN leaves no stone unturned. The brand has invested heavily into curating a powerful structure for customers, and this is evident in the lengths that users can go to keep their data and identity completely inaccessible online.

As is the case with the majority of providers, this VPN has a kill switch feature. This allows for the monitoring of your connection, with the kill switch being applied the moment this drops.

By doing so, your data is protected in the event of any unforeseen interruptions that cause your connection to become unsecured.

While using AtlasVPN, my connection was protected by both AES-256 and ChaCha20 encryption protocols. AES-256 alone is one the most secure encryption algorithms in circulation, using a 256-bit key to protect your information.

Similarly, ChaCha20 uses a 256-bit cypher to ensure the safeguarding of any personal data that is transmitted online.

As well as this, customers can avail of Shield, a two-in-one privacy feature that disables tracking and simultaneously blocks malware. This tool removes any third party’s ability to obtain insights from your online activity and target a plethora of ads towards you.

However, it is also works to reinforce the security of your data, blocking malicious websites that known to be associated with spyware, ransomware and other programs of that nature.

The brand’s MultiHop+ offering is a further extension of its commitment to delivering full coverage protection. This technology eliminates your online traceability by tunneling your VPN connection over various locations.

What VPN protocols does AtlasVPN use?

AtlasVPN uses two main protocols to bolster the protection of its users’ data. These protocols can be selected to suit specific needs and activities, and include the following;


This open-source protocol provides significantly fast speeds, making it a stand-out choice for gaming, streaming and downloading.

As well as this, it can maintain connections at a level that many others fail to reach. WireGuard has become widely recognized as one of the most secure options on the market, using advanced code and cryptography for encryption.

This protocol is supported across the full scope of devices compatible with AtlasVpn, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux.


A popular choice for mobile devices, IKEv2 is a notably stable protocol.

The auto-reconnect ability of IKEv2 allows users to maintain their connection and privacy when changing networks.

As well as this, the 256-bit security is reinforced with the employment of multiple ciphers.

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Logging policy

AtlasVPN states that it operates under a no-log policy.

As detailed in the company’s privacy policy, there is zero logging of any user data related to browsing history or activity, IP information or other associated data.

With that being said, there is some collection of information that takes place. The provider’s policy states that they may obtain data related to your device, network type and public internet service provider, amongst other similar elements.

However, there have been some questions raised about the level of tracking that takes place on AtlasVPN’s official website.

According to Blacklight, a privacy inspector tool, approximately 7 trackers and 15 third-party cookies were identified. This is significantly higher than what is present on other competitor’s websites on average.

In order to reinforce customer trust, AtlasVPN has undergone some degree of independent auditing. These evaluations were pertaining to the iPhone and Windows applications.

The common sentiment amongst netizens is that this auditing is lacklustre, as were the reports that came after.

Although the company stated that there were no critical issues within either of these apps and that the provided recommendations had been implemented, it failed to detail what any of the findings or recommendations actually were.

How fast is AtlasVPN?

This VPN has managed to acquire and maintain a positive performance reputation for some time now.

Whilst not holding the title of the fastest provider out there, AtlasVPN does offer excellent speeds that allow you to carry out a variety of activities, whether that be general browsing or gaming, all whilst maintaining a solid connection.

I experienced the fastest speeds when I was connected to a local server, as is to be expected. With that being said, I tested the download speeds with WireGuard using servers in France and Germany, and both were completely satisfactory.

However, my upload speed decreased significantly for each connection to a server further afield, such as Australia.

It goes without saying that WireGuard is a major contributing factor to AtlasVPN’s connectivity. This offers a quicker performance than its alternative protocol, IKEv2.

That’s not to say that IKEv2 is lacking either. The download and upload speeds were respectable, only experiencing a slight lag when connected to servers located substantially far away.

As mentioned above, optimized servers are one of the key features of this VPN. By having specific servers dedicated to certain activities, speeds are increased considerably.

I used one of these 10 Gbps servers to gain access to Channel 4, which isn’t available in my location, and my streaming experience was seamless.

Is AtlasVPN a good option for gaming?

AtlasVPN is a solid choice for gaming. The VPN has multiple capabilities, PC and mobile.

With unlimited simultaneous connections, you don’t have to limit your gaming to one single device.

Unfortunately, the service cannot be connected to consoles.

With their gaming-optimized server, you have a choice between optimal connections that will allow for the lowest ping and the best user experience.

As far as security is concerned, AtlasVPN has got you covered. By encrypting your data and masking your IP address, you can be free from the concern of DDoS attacks.

Additionally, the automatic kill switch immediately blocks all web traffic in the event that your VPN loses connection, helping to prevent the occurrence of any data leaks.

AtlasVPN’s location catalog means that customers can also gain access to geo-restricted games. As well as this, the VPN location options allow you to access region-specific discount codes.

XboxNintendo SwitchPlayStation

AtlasVPN Customer Support

AtlasVPN has a small, but capable, customer support system in place, with a variety of dedicated channels available for patrons to choose from depending on their issue or enquiry.

Although this network may not be the most sophisticated in comparison to alternative VPN providers, particularly regarding material, the outcomes and resolutions are satisfactory across the board.

Using the 24/7 live chat function, you can be immediately connected to a specialist agent.

The general consensus gathered from a number of experiences is that this service is quick, professional and, most importantly, effective.

Via the support-focused information panel, customers can reference the FAQ section. Broken down into specific segments, these topics include VPN basics, AtlasVPN and support.

In addition to this, the provider offers a catalog of guides and troubleshooting articles in its customer support portal. You can search for these guides by entering the most relevant keyword in the search bar.

Built on the foundations of affordability and security, AtlasVPN has staked its claim as one of the most popular new VPN providers currently available.

With a dependable server network, a robust security ecosystem and unlimited simultaneous connections, this service is suitable for every internet user’s needs.

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AtlasVPN Review: Why is it so popular? (2024)
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